Afaf Translations provides world-class translation services in a wide variety of languages.  Our document translation services include translation, editing, proofreading and desktop publishing (DTP) with our specialized, experienced team of translators ensuring the quality of the target documents. We provide accurate translation for a wide range of subjects ranging from patents to birth certificates.

We ensure the highest quality in scientific, medical, and legal translation through utilizing native-language translators with extensive expertise in the subject matter. A selection of  areas we provide services:

  • Patents
  • Patent litigation
  • Journal articles/abstracts
  • Medical research papers
  • Dissertations/theses
  • Scientific textbooks
  • Government contracts
  • International conferences
  • Presentations
  • Lectures and reports
  • Grant proposals
  • Data analysis/data mining
  • Clinical trial documents
  • Collaborative research


Our editing services will ensure that your message is clearly communicated through a clearly understandable final product.

We will provide you with a marked-up copy so that you may see exactly what was edited and review editorial comments along the way, which will appear in addition to the side marking comments. Our editors will alert you to any unclear passages that may require your attention. Please keep in mind that we always edit the reference section and everything else that is sent to us, unless otherwise noted.

For journal submissions, we can also adjust your manuscript to match the journal’s guidelines, from word count and reference style to overall formatting requirements.
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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Your documents may not only be in need of translation. Many source materials will require DTP following translation. Your documents may need to be reformatted to retain the aesthetics and structure of the original layout. In languages such as Arabic, which is written right to left, this could require reversing the entire layout design. We also incorporate components of our localization services into the DTP process as we evaluate the colors, fonts, and images used for suitability to your target audience.

Of course, we also provide standalone DTP services including:

  • graphic design
  • alignment and formatting
  • converting document and file formats
  • maintaining source layout
  • editing images, font, and  for cultural appropriateness


It is not enough to simply convert words from one language to another; the rich cultural heritage each language represents must be taken into account in order to adapt your document to local needs. A concept or reference that makes sense in one language may be nonexistent in another. We engage the services of our network of translation and localization professionals, who are native speakers in the target language or residents of the target country and experts in the target culture, to help you clearly and appropriately communicate your message across cultural as well as lingual boundaries. Localization is fundamentally important to quality translation as well as all international professional interactions, such as culturally appropriate marketing, or negotiations.

Cultural Consultation

Whether you are building ties with businesses overseas, presenting your research to an international team of reviewers, or working in a diverse community, Afaf Translations can help you to grow your cultural capability with our cultural consultation services. We can connect you with one of our experts from your target culture to help you understand a new set of values and norms, in order to avoid confusing or frustrating cultural miscommunications. Our cultural consultation service also extend to documents: we can assess whether your product is suitable for your target audience, and make recommendations about your images, format, and message.


We provide a variety of interpreting services, specializing in Spanish, Chinese, Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic and other dialects), German, and other languages.  Our interpreters team communicates for the client in a way that is linguistically and culturally coherent in every language involved. We offer the highest quality in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. We have interpreters with in-depth knowledge in a wide range of subject areas, especially in the scientific, medical, educational, and legal fields. Additionally, our interpreters have extremely high interpersonal skills, and are adept at providing consistent, timely interpretation without interrupting the original speaker.

Consecutive interpreting provides interpreting in target language in medical appointments, clinical tests, court depositions, school meetings, and social services hearings.

Simultaneous interpreting relies on the interpreter listening and continually interpreting using booths or microphones. Experienced simultaneous interpreters often work at conferences interpreting for presentations and workshops.

Remote (video) interpreting for appointments, meetings and events. Afaf Translations LLC offers several solutions that enable clients to bridge language gaps virtually. We offer cloud-based remote simultaneous interpreting platforms that allows participants to view, listen and participate in an online meeting in their preferred language choice. We can integrate with popular online meeting platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, Go2Meeting and more. We can provide KUDO certified, registered, and qualified interpreters in Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and more.
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For voice-overs of commercials, documentaries, corporate training videos, or any of your other voice-over needs, Afaf Translations has a network of professional talent available. We provide voice-over specialists who are native speakers of Modern Standard Arabic and German, and who have the expertise to clearly convey your message to your target audience. Our technical team works closely with our voice-over translators to attain perfect timing, lip synchronization, and the best voice-over production values. We have experience with manuals, voice-over, and documentaries.


Transcription services convert an audio recording into a document. This work can be done all in English, or sometimes, will involve English and another spoken language. Our linguists are able to transcribe CDs, audiotapes, videotapes, and electronic audio files, whether English to English, or with any combination of languages, depending on the speakers on the recording. We can receive your audio/video content via a secure, online file transfer and quickly provide you with a transcription that meets your specific needs.

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

CART is also referred to as open-captioning, real-time stenography, simply real-time captioning and is used to convert speech to text. CART transcription services provide a word-for-word, visual transcription of all auditory information, including speech, music, sounds, and environmental noises. CART captioning is an ideal accommodation for hard-of-hearing individuals who regularly utilize captions for assistive listening and whose preferred communication modality is not sign language. CART captioning can be integrated into any variety of meeting or event, but is mostly commonly used for legal proceedings, business and government conferences, and multi-lingual organizations such as the United Nations. Ask us and we will provide human-powered real-time captioning with much greater accuracy than machine-based services.