Afaf Translations helps its clients and customers in their pursuit of globalizing and expanding their business. Since our founding, we use established translation methods providing the highest quality translation at competitive rates. We utilize Quality Control Management, Linguist Expertise, and Client Confidentiality, in order to secure a thorough translation for all your intellectual property needs.

Global Philosophy

As Afaf Translations grew, our scope and expertise has broadened to include intellectual property, education, agriculture, clinical trial documentation, biotechnology, legal affairs, information technology, health care & cosmetics, real estate, construction, technical manuals and support documentation, and so much more. Afaf Translations chooses linguists according to their backgrounds so that for every industry, we have teams that have the expertise to dominate the terminology and deliver quality services. At Afaf Translations, we do not simply focus on the translation of words, we believe in the translation of ideas, concepts, and innovations.

Intellectual Property (Patent – Utility – Design – Trademark) | Editing – Translation

Afaf Translations understands the need to quickly and effectively file Intellectual Property (IP) across the globe. Using our specifically selected specialized teams, we are able to properly serve every industry in timely, accurate IP language solutions.
Did you know, we can also assist you with your initial patent draft! And we can connect you with a patent attorney who will write your patent for filing in your target country!

Specialized Teams

We pick translators from their native countries, many of them holding degrees and prior experience in external fields as well. Afaf Translations knows that the traditional linguist is not always equipped to handle the technical jargon which many of our clients provide us. That is why we pick experts in life sciences, governmental, pharmaceuticals, automotive, technology, medical, IP, and etc. All our translators must hold 4 year degrees, have knowledge of international legal requirements, keep up to date with the changing terminology within certain regions, and understand Afaf Translations’ language solution process.


All requests regarding language solutions are handled by a experienced team which then controls the translation from start to finish. This central command of documents and services allows the client to be in direct contact with the steps undertaken to service their needs. This results in an ever growing translation memory, glossaries, and dictionaries.


Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Any information collected in the course of our work together will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, rented, loaned, or in any way disclosed. Any information you provide to us will be held with extreme care, and will not be used for any purpose without your prior consent.

Quality Assurance

Afaf Translations’ centralized management guarantees quality translation on every project. Quality assurance for Afaf translations means that all projects go through a rigid set of requirements to ensure error-free translations. Our culture nurtures quality services on every project. From understanding clients’ needs to building terminology databases to using the right linguists; we pay close attention to detail every step of the way. After a document has been initially translated, it goes through a stringent revision process in order to replicate the formatting and terminology from the source. Only after it has been checked by our centralized management does it then return to the client. This system is designed with efficiency and quality in mind so that you don’t have to wait.