We provide a variety of interpreting services, specializing in Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic and other dialects), German and other languages.  Our interpreters team must constantly communicate for the client in a way that is grammatically and culturally coherent in every language involved.

There are two major types of translation: consecutive and simultaneous.

Consecutive interpretation

provides interpreting in target language in medical appointments, clinical tests, court depositions, school meetings, and social services hearings.

Simultaneous interpretation

relies on the interpreter listening and continually interpreting using booths or microphones. Experienced simultaneous interpreters often work at conferences interpreting for presentations and workshops.

At Afaf Translations, we offer the highest quality in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. We have interpreters with in-depth knowledge in a wide range of subject areas, especially in the scientific, medical, and legal fields. Additionally, our interpreters have extremely high interpersonal skills, and are adept at providing consistent, timely interpretation without interrupting the original speaker. Please contact us if you require our services for meetings, international conferences, social gatherings, or any of your other interpreting needs.