Was unsere Kunden sagen

Your company works so fast! … It has been a great pleasure working with you on both of these cases and I look forward to many more in the near future.
S.T., US Governmental Agency

Afaf Translations has been a crucial partner in our expansion into foreign markets. Our business benefited greatly from being able to communicate with our clients and provide the proper material in the native language in order to set us apart from our competitors.
J.Y., Marketing Company

We have been working consistently with Afaf Translations over the last five years without missing a step. Afaf Translations team is able to provide a proper turnaround and executed all projects within deadline. They remain our primary language services provider for all projects.
P.W., Consulting Agency

Our documents often require a highly technical provider due to its medical background and Afaf Translations has the perfect management of such projects. With a highly experienced set of project managers and a rigorous QA program, using consistent terminology, we’ve been able to receive all projects in their output languages without any complaints.
T.S., Pharmaceutical Industry

Afaf Translations was our first choice when it came to cost effectiveness and quality. They worked with us to meet our price points while never compromising the output of the final document.
G.D., Intellectual Property Law Office

Afaf Translations staff is professional, timely, and guiding you in every step of the project. Prior to working with Afaf Translations, all other companies that I had contacted would not even pick up the phone when I would request a quote. Afaf Translations was incredibly helpful, from the beginning to the end of the process.
A.P., Certificate Translation