April 2023

It is such an honor and encouragement to be included in this special issue of MultiLingual and I consider this a highlight of my career. I am happy to say that in 2024, I will have been working with my company, Afaf Translations, for 20 years in this industry. I’ve learned a lot from the many colleagues I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during my career — both from the perspective of an outsider while I was working as a research scientist, and within the language industry — from my team of translators to my family including my co-founder and husband Matthias Steiert. Many provided input regarding growth and gave assurance that we will reach rewarding results together. Through my in-person involvement with interpreting, translation, voice-over, and subtitling, I’ve had the opportunity to meet individuals of so many different nationalities. All those individuals provided exposure to so many different projects allowing me to experience enriching cross-cultural interactions and to learn more about other cultures and the many facets of communication.

January 2023

Enjoy our video of prior activities and achievements.