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Founded in 2004, Afaf Translations LLC is a multilingual solutions provider offering a full spectrum of language services that include translation, interpreting, voice-over, desktop publishing, transcription, localization, language evaluations, and cultural consultation.

Afaf Translations has been established as an expert within the Middle Eastern languages sector while also providing translation services for other languages such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Indonesian, and many more. We are the communication partner for large and small companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. We have a worldwide network of experienced linguists with specific disciplinary expertise to provide the highest quality services in every field and manner of topics. Afaf Translations’ mission is to render the barriers of language to be nonexistent, and with this mission, we ensure the highest satisfaction of our clients.

Memberships and Affiliations

Northern California Translators Association (NCTA)

The Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) is the West Coast Area branch of the American Translators Association (ATA). It works at a local level to promote and foster professional development for translators and interpreters but also has members from other states and from overseas. Founded in 1978, NCTA has a network of over 500 members and a quality pool of ATA-certified language professionals. As a bay area-based business focused on quality of service and endowed with a solid experience in the translation industry, Afaf Translations is a member of NCTA and our staff regularly attends workshops offered in the context of continuing education.

American Translators Association (ATA)

The American Translators Association (ATA) was founded in 1959 to promote the translation and interpreting professions in the US. Now present in more than 90 countries, its main role is to support translators and interpreters around the world. ATA offers a certification in 18 languages that guarantees the expertise and work experience of each translator. Afaf Translations LLC works with ATA-certified professionals, because we know the importance of working with the best linguists.

With tekom we keep informed of the latest developments in the field of technical communication. “Technical communication is the process of defining, creating and delivering information products for the safe, efficient and effective use of products (technical systems, software, services).” – tekom (Europe).

General Services Administration (GSA) – United States Federal Agencies

The General Services Administration (GSA) – United States Federal Agencies is a government agency which helps managing logistics and communication matters for federal agencies and makes purchases for the government. GSA selects and approves companies to be vendors for the United States government in numerous industries. Afaf Translations has been a GSA-approved language agency since more than 15 years and has worked for many federal agencies.

Alameda County’s Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB)

A Alameda County’s Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB) program increases business opportunities for small businesses located in Alameda County. It was created in order to encourage economic development within Alameda County. Afaf Translations has been a certified SLEB language agency since 2009.